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Illinois Traffic Alert System

Please note that our Illinois Traffic Alert System was retired on March 31, 2017. Users are encouraged to switch to our Travel Midwest Alerts System which offers much better customization of email notifications.

The Travel Midwest Alerts System is a free service that provides email notifications of current traffic information on user-selected trips along the expressways in the Travel Midwest coverage area.

There are options to set the email format, days and times to receive alerts, and the type of traffic information to receive for each saved trip. You can also specify a Do-Not-Disturb period during which alerts will not be sent (e.g., for a vacation) and/or that alerts are only sent when the travel speed is below a specified level.

To get started, go to our Travel Midwest Trip Report system, create a custom trip report, and click the button to receive traffic information along that trip. You can log onto your account at any time to add, modify, or delete trips and update alert preferences.

For more details on creating trip reports and registering for email alerts, please visit our Travel Midwest Trips and Alerts Help page.

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